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Billing Information

The billing periods for our water/curb stop billings are presently sent out on a quarterly basis.  The billing periods are:

        January 1 – March 31
        April 1 – June 30
        July 1 – September 30
        October 1 – December 31

If you have a curb stop only, your Operation Fee (monthly Service Charge) shown as Op Fee on your bill is $10.00 per month.  The (new) Sustainability Fund Charge is set at $1.00 per month. Your quarterly billing will be $33.00 (which includes the Sustainability Fund charge)

If you have a water meter installed, your Op Fee with water is currently set at $23.25 per month.  The (new) Sustainability Fund Charge is set at $1.00 per month plus .05/cubic meter of water consumed.   You will be billed for any water consumption.  

If you are or will be using water, your billing will show a present reading and that amount will be listed under “Usage” with an ‘A’ after the number telling you that this was an Actual reading.  If an “E” is listed, this means your reading was an Estimate. 
Your water consumption will be charged out at $3.09 per cubic meter (or $14.05 per 1000 gallons).  One cubic meter = 220 gallons.   You will be billed for each cubic meter of water consumed or every portion thereof.


The Dundurn Rural Water Utility has now implemented a Sustainability Fund Charge on each subscriber.  There will be a flat fee charge of $1.00 per month on each curb stop.  If you are using water, there will be a .05/cubic meter charge.  For a typical household, this means a monthly increase of approximately $1.70.

If you choose to not be on an automatic payment plan, your payment must be received by the 25th day following a billing period.  Interest will be added on at 2% per month until the payment is received.  If we do not receive your payment by the 10th day of the 2nd month following a billing period, a shut-off notice will be issued and the water will not be turned back on until the full payment including interest and a fee for service is paid.


Banking Information

To sign up for preauthorized payments for your Utility billing, please print and  complete one of the following forms and return it to our office:

​ Pre Authorized Debit form

​ Pre-Authorized Credit Card form

We will withdraw the amount of your billing from your chosen bank account or credit card on the 25th day following a billing period.

Selling Property Information

When you sell property that has a Rural Water connection, we request that you notify our office as soon as possible.  If you have a capital loan on this property, that loan must be paid in full prior to the date of transfer.

The Utility may also complete an inspection to ensure that your system conforms to regulatory requirements.  A final meter reading will be taken at the time of inspection.

Please allow at least 2 weeks notice before your property is transferred to the new owner.

The new owner will be required to sign a subscriber agreement with the Utility and the “New Subscriber Connection Fee” must be paid to complete the transfer.  This fee is currently set at $100.00.



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