Building Canada Fund

The Dundurn Rural Water Utility gratefully acknowledges Building Canada Fund—Communities Component.  This is a joint Government of Canada and Government of Saskatchewan grant that provided over 14 million dollars towards this Phase III Potable Water Project.  Every subscriber will benefit from this generous contribution.


Building Canada Fund – Communities Component

On June 13, 2008, the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan signed the Canada-Saskatchewan Building Canada Fund – Communities Component Agreement (BCF-CC) under the Government of Canada Building Canada Plan.  This program provides funding to municipalities with populations less than 100,000 to enhance local infrastructure. 

Under the BCF-CC Agreement, the Government of Canada and the Province of Saskatchewan each committed $113.7 million to assist in the construction, renewal, expansion, upgrade or material enhancement of infrastructure across the province. 

Saskatchewan held two application intakes for BCF-CC.  Over 780 applications requesting approximately $670 million in federal-provincial funding were received.  The entire program allocation of $227.5 million in federal-provincial funding available under BCF-CC is fully allocated. 

There are currently 149 projects approved under various categories, including water, wastewater, local roads, recreation, solid waste, and brownfield remediation.  Projects approved are normally cost shared 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 by the federal, provincial and municipal governments.  

Of the 149 projects approved, six pipeline projects will receive approximately $49 million in federal and provincial funding, or 21% of the entire program allocation.  The six pipeline Projects include:

  • - Canora Rural Public Utility Board - $76 thousand federal-provincial funding
  • - Dundurn and Area Wastewater Utility - $6.08 million federal-provincial funding
  • - Dundurn Rural Water Utility Board - $14.15 million federal-provincial funding
  • - Highway 41 Water Utility - $6.19 million federal-provincial funding
  • - Sask. Landing Regional Water Pipeline Utility - $15.49 million federal-provincial funding
  • - Village of Hepburn - $6.63 million federal-provincial funding