SaskWater’s mission is to provide reliable and professional water and wastewater services for Saskatchewan.

Ministry of Environment
The Ministry of Environment manages our province’s diverse landscapes and our renewable natural resources in a manner that supports a healthy environment, a growing economy and strong, vibrant communities.

The Ministry of Environment’s mission statement is to protect the environment and promote sustainable use of natural resources to enhance economic and social benefits.

Water and Wastewater Management
Saskh2o provides information and services available from the Government of Saskatchewan that relate to water.

Municipalities Act
Authoritative online source for all current Government of Saskatchewan legislation.

Providing information and services for new and existing rural water pipeline groups.

Town of Dundurn

Town of Hanley

R.M. Of Blucher No. 343

R.M. Of Corman Park No. 344

R.M. Of Dundurn No. 314